Zirgog Hates Visitors—And Wants to Kill Them (You Are Zirgog)

You've had a long peaceful life with ne'er a visitor darkening your doors. But wait! Who are those darstadly little goblins approaching your gates! Shoo! Shoo! Go away! Die!

Created by Dylan Kwok. Sounds taken from Freesound.com, Zapsplat.com, and Kenney.nl. Fonts taken from Kenney.nl.

Made withUnity
TagsFantasy, Medieval
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksBlog, YouTube

Development log


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love this game, the basis is such a mood and having to decide what weapon to choose to take while considering the enemy's position makes it fun and engaging!

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I thought it was so creative that the spacebar controlled more than 1 thing (change direction and picking up and releasing weapon) so having to coordinate timing definitely made the game really challenging!!