In the deep underworld, various reapers, the arbiters of death, cross paths, each trying to ferry souls to an afterlife.

As Tulugaak, the creator of light, your aim is to bring the souls into the light, but alas, other creatures block your ways and cause you trouble on your journey.

Rated 10/10 for cultural appropriation of Inuit deities.

Rated 10/10 for making up stories and claiming them to be myths.

Rated 10/10 for hurting minority cultural feelings.

Rated 100/10 for being a joke, so please do not kill me.

And yes, this has nothing to do with the Inuit Tulugaak. The process of picking a name involved fifteen seconds on Wikipedia. If you send me a cease and desist order I will both cease and desist.

Anyways. Please play this game. Thank you very much.

Created by Dylan Kwok and Li Luqi.

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