Broader Collie

Sheep are stupid. They wander places. Get stuck in corners. Say "baaa" randomly.

As their sheepdog, your job is to prevent all their stupidity from occurring.

Herd them into neat squares. Rescue them from their far flung corners. And teach them real sheepdog discipline—not that namby pamby stuff they get from wannabes like Beagles and Germans Shepherds. No. You, the Broader Collie, and the real best sheepdog.

But as you herd, beware the cursed sheep! It's not really evil, it's just whack. Handle it with care.

So long and enjoy.


Developer's note: it’s possible to access all the levels without first having to play through each one sequentially. Just use the level select. So if your collie brain is like a sheep’s and you can’t get past a level, you can at least explore all of them. And yes, they are all solvable. Or as my grandpa collie says, “Where there’s a woof, there’s a way.”


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my brain too small for this oh my god 

very fun, made me use my brain

Stuck at Level 8 WELP VERY GOOD MECHANIC, just like BABA Is you!!! LOVE IT